Advice On Selecting A Replacement Device Power Cable

At some point in time many of us will have to replace a device power cable. It may have been lost in a house move, misplaced or damaged. There are a few variations of power lead for electronic products available so it’s important to select the correct one. But with so many variations: just how do you know which one to buy? You can always contact your device manufacturer for a replacement, but they are likely to charge a small fortune. Another solution is to source an independent after market brand cable, this will save you money.

Most desktop computers, flat screen televisions and many other electronic devices use an IEC Connectors C13 power cable. Many smaller devices such as satellite boxes, receivers and amplifiers would use a Figure 8 power lead. As the name suggests, this type of plug is shaped in the form of a figure 8 when lying on its side. A cloverleaf or Clover C5 power cable is used by many laptop computer manufactures. They have 3 outputs in a serried of 3 rings, two on the bottom sides and a central one on top.

Device manufactures only usually supply a very short one or two meter cable in the box, this is designed as a “get you up and running” cable. But this is simply too short for most uses; you can’t mount your new flat screen television on the wall with a 1 meter long cable. You can buy almost all of these power cables in lengths of 10 meters. A simple search of the internet shows C13, C5 and figure 8 cables for sale in 3 meter, 5 meter and 10 meter lengths. You can expect to pay around twelve pounds UK for a 5 meter IEC Connectors C13 cable and around twenty pounds for a longer 10 meter variation.

It’s important to check you are purchasing the correct power cable for your device. There are a few options for this. The best solution is to contact the device manufacturer. Larger companies such as Samsung and Sony have very good customer service departments who will advise which type of cable you need. You can also research yourself on the internet. Websites such as Wikipedia have images of all the different type of power cable and information on their uses. Many shops will also offer help and advice, if your device is portable; it’s worth taking it along to the store so they assistant can take a look.

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