Clothes Drying Racks Can Bring Happiness

I hate ironing I feel so brain dead – like a robot. I know it has to be done or I will be faced with a humungous pile growing daily. On the other hand, since I switched to using a clothes airer drying system I feel more in control.

When I used a tumble dryer first if all it was really expensive. Secondly, the clothes were all completely bone dry. Tumble dryers even the sensor models only ‘sense’ when the last item is dry, so all the rest is baked! When I place a washing load on the clothes drying rack, I can easily check for dried items ready for ironing.

So instead of having a new batch of dried clothes, which are often difficult to iron, I can have damp or slightly damp, it’s really up to me. Clothes airers give me independence in so many ways. Ideal for the elderly and disabled. An easy drying system ready at all times. For those who shiver at the prospect of long dark nights in severe frost, no need to worry! You are completely independent with a clothes airer. The disabled wheelchair user can hang clothes and household items without relying on good weather. An airer can take more than a full load of washing. If you add a fully retractable multi-way washing line several loads can be hung at the same time.

The floor-standing airer is the nearest to the old clotheshorse. Completely portable to be used inside or outdoors. It carries the largest loads and is available in mini sizes. The portable airer can also be used in the bath (without the water!)

Keeping up a supply of home laundry is a constant chore but when you switch into a laundry rack system it seems more relaxed, more natural.

You will be surprised how few emergencies you have where clothes need to be dried quickly.

Better quality laundry rack system come with a three-year guarantee. Very popular with sports energy mad camping families. Happy heavy-duty use indeed.

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