Facts About Building Wind Turbines

Building wind turbines offers a great alternative source of energy. These turbines operate from mechanical energy, which means the wind has to be changed from kinetic energy to mechanical energy (When the wind is moving, that is kinetic energy). The role of the Turbine Controller is to make sure that the energy in the wind is changed to electricity so that it can be of use to us!

Different types of wind turbines:

Building these types of turbines involves two variables;

1. Horizontal wind turbines – When the wind turbine is moving, it does so in a parallel manner. In addition, when it is being constructed, it is placed to face the wind.

2. Vertical wind turbines – These turbines move in perpendicular or upright manner. There is no need of pointing it to the wind and is perfect for areas that do not have wind that blows in high velocity. A perfect example is having them placed near huge buildings, which tend to tamper with the flow of wind.

Therefore, when building your own it is important to know which one will be more convenient. Location will dictate the type of turbine you use. If the wind flow of a certain place is low, then the building a vertical turbine is going to be ideal even if it is slow. In addition, if one is keen about the cost of fuel, then vertical turbines are not a good option. What one should note about it is that because it is slow, then more fuel has to be used to make it rotate thus the cost.

Reasons why these Turbine Controller are so popular:

1. There is no need of wondering if the source of the energy will deplete because they operate from wind, which never depletes.

2. Homeowners who choose to build them stand a strong advantage of cost in the long run.

3. They are very easy to build, especially if they are meant to be used domestically. If there is no ample space to put it in a yard then they can be placed on top of the roof.

4. Tend to be very handy in high wind areas.

5. Nearly all tend to be pollution free because they do not produce any release harmful substances to the environment.

Process of building wind turbines:

1. Know the type of wind turbine that is going to be used.

2. Make sure that there is a battery there if you’re going to power the turbine when it has already been set up.

3. Have an up to date manual that will give proper and accurate directions of building the wind turbine.

4. Have a check list of the different wind turbine parts.

5. Initial stage of putting the parts together involves connecting the rectifier to the renewable energy battery system.

6. Then do a wiring of the breaker and controller to the renewable energy system.

7. Have a tower rise up so that the wiring can be linked to it from the breaker and controller.

8. Then put the turbine on the top of the tower.

9. The tail vane should be linked to tail boom

10. Blades should be linked to alternator.

11. Blades should be in equilibrium at all times.


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