From Luxury Toiletries to Durable Ice Buckets – When Amenities Matter

If you work in the hospitality industry, the supplies and amenities you offer very likely become mundane objects to you, right along with the toilet paper purchased in bulk and the creamer for the employee lounge. Whether you realize it or not, hotel guests pay attention to the small things, especially if other aspects of their trip are less than spectacular.

Many things about a guest’s vacation or business trip, from weather and planned activities to traffic and the quality of the food they eat, are out of your control as a host. However, the quality of their experience at your hotel, from the shampoo to the bed linens, is under your control to a certain extent. The toiletries and amenities that you furnish your guest rooms with matter as they speak to the ambiance of the hotel and the experience you want your guest to have.

Bed Linens

Admittedly, most people, whether at home or away, pay little or no attention to the sheets or pillow cases on their bed, never mind the vast array of other bed linens. Most people don’t know what a duvet is never mind the difference between a bedspread and a duvet cover. For the most part, however, if the bed is made and has a clean comforter or bedspread on it, no further attention is paid to the bed.

It is assumed that the sheets and pillow cases underneath are clean, too. However, some people notice the colors and softness of the bed linens, realizing that thread bare sheets should not be in a pricey hotel and, conversely, a duvet cover, decorative pillows and luxurious sheets would be out of place in a road side motel or budget inn.


Once upon a time, hotel supplies offered included plastic toothbrushes, single-edge disposable razors and plastic combs as “extras” and standard toiletries were bar soap and coordinating gooey shampoo and conditioner. Today hotels offer everything from the standard bar soap and shampoo to leave in conditioner and shower caps. Many also offer luxury body lotions infused with Shea butter and heavenly scented body washes. If a guest has forgotten a standard item such shaving cream, many hotels carry a stock of it, available on request.

Overlooked Amenities

When you think about amenities in a hotel room, you typically think of cable television, a phone you can use to make local calls for free and a pool. However, hotels and the rooms in them offer a variety of amenities often overlooked and under appreciated. For example, a sturdy ice bucket, in-room coffee service with strong coffee as well as complimentary cream and sugar, a sturdy luggage rack and hair dryers are often overlooked items that can turn a hotel stay around.

If your guests need ice for a cooler, a sturdy ice bucket is essential to accomplishing this task with ease. If your guests typically wake up to coffee, having good coffee as part of in-room coffee service will be noticed and appreciated. People notice more details today than they ever have before and they’re conscious of what they are getting for their dollar.

To be competitive in the hospitality industry, taking into account what your guests expect, and what you furnish, is essential. However, guest expectations must be balanced against your budget. When you’re the owner of a hotel, or the supply buyer, buying quality Hotel Amenities is not only a great idea, it’s a necessity in order to grow the business and please your guests. When you’re able to do this, everybody wins as your guests get great Hotel Amenities and you stay under budget.

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