Introduction to Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

It is true that one of the leading causes of failure in power modules, integrated circuits, and other Electrostatic Sensitive Devices is the Electrostatic release. A mild creation of this natural occurrence can produce many damages in the gadgets that decrease their execution or demolish it. Every MOSFETs or IGBT power module is very sensitive to that danger as the gate isolation has less thickness consisting of nearly ten nanometers. From the input capacitance value, we can estimate the level of harm of any device because the higher the input capacitance is, the lower this danger is. The electronic gadgets have turned out to be speedier and smaller due to the advancement of every aspect of life. Therefore, their harms related to this danger have expanded.

The static electricity is described as the exchange of charge, called the friction based power, between the bodies at various electrical possibilities. This incident can happen when any charged conductor (counting the human body) releases to a Sensitive gadget, or when it discharges to the bundling materials or a human body. After strolling along a covered room or sitting in an auto, the adequate electricity is produced by friction to give a stunning electrostatic release when touching a metal body such as the entryway handle. When the human body feels a stun, thousands of volts are behind it. A less power potential can harm the Electrostatic Sensitive Devices quickly regardless that it can be felt or not. The change in the humidity level of the working environment can alter this hidden threat. Most commonly used electrostatic sensitive devices are shown below.

Common Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

  • The transistors used for amplifying or switching electronic signals, commonly employed for making the integrated circuits (ICs)
  • Complementary metal oxide semiconductor ICs (chips), integrated circuits built with MOSFETs, which are used in computer CPUs, graphics ICs.
  • Cards used in computers
  • Chips of TTL
  • Laser diodes
  • Blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • High precision resistors


The simplest way to avoid this unnecessary creation of electricity is to give it an alternative path to discharge to the ground so that this unwanted voltage will not able to damage the neighboring area. For this purpose, the use of the ESD furniture is the excellent method because these products are mainly designed to protect the Electrostatic Sensitive Devices permanently, and you don’t have to use any other technique. Those types of furniture are better than that of the ESD Mates because the protection ability of these mats is little, and they are not durable by nature.

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