Janitorial Office Cleaning

Business premises are huge and require professional services to maintain the cleanliness of the office space. A sparkling office radiates freshness and warmth among its employees, clients and customers. Commercial complexes generally contract office cleaning singapore services to clean and maintain their buildings.

Office cleaning companies provide a wide range of services based on their proficiency and the requirements and budgets of their customers. The basic tasks provided by janitorial services include building maintenance, floor cleaning, washroom cleaning, dusting, window cleaning and removal of garbage. These janitorial companies can also provide more advanced cleaning options like customized maid facilities, exterior polishing, waxing hardwood surface and replacing light bulbs.

The market is flooded with plenty of janitorial office cleaning service providers. So, how does one choose the best among them? The first step is to assess the cleaning requirements of a business.

Next, make a list the companies which can provide the best possible services and call for a quotation. The service providers generally offer a list of cleaning services which include normal cleaning, special cleaning like exterior services and a rate for each of them in an offer sheet. The business should award the contract to the service provider who can fit the budget as well as go an extra mile to meet the business needs.

Here are a few things which are essential for a professional janitorial office cleaning service:

High cleaning standards: Every company provides a list of things and areas to be cleaned. However, a professional service provider clearly assures of excellent cleaning standards which can be sensed from their negotiations.

Control on quality: Quality control is the second most essential step for a janitorial service provider. Keeping an office space clean is important but regular follow-up, to confirm timely and perfect cleaning services, is what makes the difference. The quality of cleaning products, manpower, and quality and control on replacement of cleaning equipment can guarantee that offices are maintained in a spic-and-span manner.

Consistent performance: A service provider might provide the best service for a few days and start deteriorating their quality over a period of time. The choice of a service provider should be made keeping consistency in mind.

Experience in the industry: The fresh launch pads in this service industry will try to provide the best possible services but nothing can beat the most experienced providers. They can recommend the best office cleaning requirements just by having a sneak-peak at the client’s establishment.

Employee training: Anyone can try to clean a home or office but not everyone can provide the same glittering look as well-trained personnel. Ensure that the service provider recruits employees only after rigorous training. Check the training procedures in place and ascertain that no untrained employee shall enter the office premises.

Security monitoring: The janitorial service provider should also certify that all rooms are locked up, windows and doors properly bolted and equipments in place after the cleaning activity.

Restocking schedule: All cleaning products need to be restocked at frequent intervals. The contract should clearly specify the periodicity of restocking of cleaning solutions.

Companies are advised to contract with insured and bonded janitorial service provider. A general insurance policy can help the business and the office cleaning singapore service provider indemnify any losses arising due to theft and damage to equipment and personnel while on duty. References from other customers can be very helpful in safeguarding the business interests.

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