Solar Hybrid Inverter – Why It Is the Most Cost-Effective Inverter?

Solar power generation is an alternative to conventional electricity and is one of the cleanest energy generation systems. It uses the heat of the Sun and can be used for anywhere in large factories, buildings as well as residential homes. Currently, everyone from teenagers to adults is concerned about global warming and its harmful effects on a worldwide scale.

Due to this awareness everyone faces a dire need to cut down emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. The resources like solar energy are becoming increasingly popular among masses as they not only lead to minimum environmental impact but save money too. Furthermore, the way people’s lives are shaping up, it is going to be very essential in the coming years.

Before moving to solar hybrid inverter, let’s discuss what a solar inverter is. It is a kind of electric inverter that directly converts the DC or direct current from photovoltaic arrays into AC or alternating current. The energy is then directly applied to commercial electric grids or sometimes is also applied to locality in addition to off-grid electric networks. This makes solar inverters very beneficial as well as cost-effective.

They are usually applied to those rural and countryside areas which face electricity problems or have no electricity of any kind. If you want more current i.e. current for larger stretches of land or buildings, you can get that by applying more solar panels in addition to larger exterior charge controllers. MOSFETs are the focal components of a solar inverter because of which their application determines greater output.

Solar Hybrid Inverter is also very prevalent among people all over the world in this day and age. Some of its salient features include the following:

  • Design based on DSP with stable and absolute Sine Wave Output Voltage as well as Frequency.
  • High battery protection.
  • Ultramodern PWM technology based on MOSFETs.
  • Thermal guard.
  • Deep Discharge Charging of battery.
  • Inaudible operation of AC Fans and Motors.
  • Modern State Solar Charging of battery.
  • Intelligent Monitoring battery.
  • High Protection and Battery Low.
  • Saves power when solar and mains are both present.

An absolute solar power inverter can prove to be a little on the costlier side for general lighting load as far as the preliminary investment is concerned. Moreover, owing to recurrent power failures, a usual battery UPS backup inverter never gets enough time to get recharged. On the contrary, Solar Hybrid Inverter unites both solar energy and mains utility which is just a first-rate solution, as it provides the better of the two worlds. You can keep adding panels in the future too if you want to upsurge the percentage allocation of solar power.

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