The Key to Business Expansion

Fortunately, overseas business expansion doesn’t depend upon luck or fate. There is a surefire way to expand your business. What does it take to turn a business into a machine that has steadily rising statistics? Sure, some weeks will be better than others, but how do you guarantee that, at the end of the year, your business will have expanded in size, income and influence? And then how do you do it year after year like clockwork?

Well, a machine only runs as well as its parts, right? If half the spark plugs are dead, the engine won’t run correctly. If a belt is slipping, performance will suffer. Even if the parts are all running fine, the quality of them affects performance. State-of-the-art, precision parts will outperform old, lower-quality equivalents.

Let’s apply this analogy to an organization. An organization produces something for which it gets money and goodwill, and in order to do that, all its “parts” must be operating correctly. Each employee does a job that is a “part” contributing to the final “job,” the overall product. If the organization’s parts are faulty, the machine needs constant repair; that is to say, if the employees aren’t 100% proficient at their jobs or aren’t hard-working, all kinds of unnecessary problems will arise and just keeping the show on the road-the machine running-will be tough enough.

So, the first step in improving the machine is creating 100% proficient employees who are dedicated and hard working. Some organizations have achieved this to some degree; they have a relatively small, competent and hard-working staff who do produce well. These organizations are usually doing fine, but they still have trouble expanding. Why?

Well, if you want to build a bigger machine, you have to add parts, right? When an organization goes to expand, it adds staff. If it doesn’t have an effective system to train these new hires to 100% proficiency, many of them will end up being “dead spark plugs.” Expansion then becomes very costly, and therefore slow.

Some organizations produce so much that these costs can go unnoticed. But only for so long. As CEOs are always looking how to increase profits, these malfunctioning areas get picked up and the problem is the same as in any other organization: how do you fix the broken parts?

It has been said that every employee should produce five times his pay for smooth overseas business expansion to occur. For that to be a reality, every employee must be 100% proficient. Employee training is the only road to 100% proficiency.

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