Understanding Your Laptop AC Adapter

One of the reasons why your laptop is portable is because it is assisted by a laptopAC/DC Adapters When you have an AC adapter at your disposal, you can charge you laptop fully and thus enabling it to be used for several hours without relying on an external power source. Problems are experienced only when these adapter fail to discharge their duties correctly.

How can an adapter support your laptop?

DC power or direct current is required to operate your laptop. However, the adapter that is supplied with your laptop is referred to as an AC adapter. This is because the adapter is responsible for converting the AC or alternating current provided into the wall unit to direct current in order to facilitate the functioning of your laptop.

Detecting a problematic AC adapter

When the laptop AC adapter is connected to your device, it provides an advantage of mobility to it. However, there could be occasions when your laptop might fail to function in its usual way even when the adapter is connected to it. This condition could arise when the adapter is faulty. You can conduct few tests to ascertain whether an issue with your laptop AC adapter is there or not.

1. When you place an adapter into an electric socket, usually the LED present on it starts glowing. Similarly, when this adapter is connected to your laptop, its lights too start appearing. If both of these lights or any one of them fails to glow, you can be sure of some impending problem.

2. You will need to try working out with another wall unit. If the adapter fails to work there as well, it can be ascertained that there is some problem with it. However, if it works fine and so is your laptop then you can be sure of some problem in your first wall unit.

3. If there is some problem with your battery, your laptop might function properly. In this case, there should not be any problems with your adapter. In these cases, you need to remove the laptop battery and run the laptop by connecting it directly to a power source via an AC adapter. If there was some problem with your battery, the laptop should work fine. Else, you can assume that there was some problem with your adapter.

Your adapter needs care

You cannot work with a faulty adapter. So, if there is some problem with it, you either need to get it replaced entirely or get it repaired. To take good care of your AC/DC Adapters, you need to remember these points:

1. The cords of your adapter should bend too much. When they’re bent too much damage can be caused to their internal wires leading to short-circuit.

2. Do not keep your adapter in contact with water. You need to keep these devices far away from water sources.


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