What are the Different Types of Headshots Professional Photographers Deal with?

Photographers have many styles of shooting images and the good ones are always cautious of what you want. Headshots are also shot in many styles and orientation. It is all on the basis of your requirement that will be the determining factor of what you are willing to receive. professional headshot photographers list some styles of headshots below. Always let them know what your preference is before you book them, and also inform them about what color backgrounds you want so that they can arrange for the backdrop you want to have.

Read on for the types of headshots available:

  1. Vertical studio headshot

This is the most common style of headshot. It is vertical or portrait in orientation. Most of these headshots are usually closer to the face, but many people tend to show their attire in the shot by allowing the market to see and get a better sense of your personality and style you prefer. In this type of portrait, backgrounds are available in many colors and textures.

  1. Peter Hurley style

Peter Hurley is a renowned headshot photographer who is based in New York City. He has invented his very own style of headshot. Rather than taking a headshot in a portrait or vertical mode with a nice and crispy white background, the headshot will be taking in a horizontal or landscape model, keeping the backdrop same. Peter used a very particular lighting composition, but this very look can be attained in many ways. This style is ideal and great for the Internet. It also looks amazing on a website or as a profile picture on your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is not a compulsion to always use white as a background. You can also choose grey and beige.

  1. Environmental or nature headshot

Environmental or nature headshots are typically the headshots which are captured out of a studio. It can be outdoors or indoors too sometimes and it is shot with natural or artificial light. These are deemed as more casual shots than formal, if you are rooting to strut more of a laidback side of yours. You will know a good outdoor headshot when the background of your shot is blurry and it separates you from the background itself. This type of photography is referred to as Bokeh. Bokeh is amazing and more you implement it, the better.

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