Why You Need Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are a fantastic and convenient way of entering/exiting your property without having to carry keys. There are two main types of office door access, electronic and mechanical.

The mechanical type provides a push button keypad to allow the user to gain entry. The main advantage of the mechanical type is that it needs no power supply (either AC power or battery) in order to operate it so you don’t need to worry about power failure. This also makes it an ideal choice for exterior applications such as yard gates. These are simple, reliable devices that are easy to install as no wiring is needed. Being both hacksaw-proof and pick-proof and often fitted with a deadbolt mechanism, they provide an ideal, secure alternative to the traditional key lock. Of course you have the convenience of not having to search around for your keys for both entry and exit from your property.

But if you want a solution that provides sophistication and convenience there are several types of electronic keyless system to suit your requirements and budget.

The basic type of electronic keyless lock is a simple touch pad system that allows entry of a predefined code in order to gain entry. A more advanced type uses a keycard or tag to enter the property. Many hotels use this principle of door lock as the keycard can be programmed to only open certain doors. When used at home, the homeowner can decide who will have access when they are not at home. This is useful if you have a babysitter, housecleaner or even a handyman that need to gain access to your property while you are not in. This kind of system usually logs the time of entry and exit and can even switch on your lights when you enter your door.

Keyless entry systems are great for people with disabilities. People who are blind can easily operate a door lock system using a badge or tag and people who are wheelchair bound that may have limited use of their limbs will find it easier to enter their property.

It is not difficult to install a office door access for the average DIY’er. Usually most keyless locks directly replace the existing door lock that is already in place so it’s just a matter of doing a straight swap. However a more sophisticated electronic type may need a professional installation.

For a keypad type entry system be sure to change the code every so often. The reason being is that thieves will get to know your code by observing the keypad for wear and dirt and this will show the digits used to allow access. If you only have a 4 key code then this narrows the combination down to 32 combinations of the 4 digit code. The thief could easily try all 32 combinations and gain access in minutes.


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